Research & Policy

Cogent Skills is a UK wide organisation, representing and working with science employers throughout the four UK nations - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 

We conduct research to improve understanding of the skills needs of science employers. We generate labour market intelligence, skills intelligence, skills foresighting and econometric data. Information is collated from national sources, and through primary qualitative and quantitative research. Cogent Skills also works with specific employers to address defined issues, and through wider industry surveys to maintain a broader sector overview. 

As well as operational use, contextualised data are used in reports, factsheets and industry briefing papers. By doing so, we have significant knowledge and expertise in identifying skills needs and solutions for the science based industries in order to inform, influence and advise on skills, education and funding policy and to stimulate employer investment in skills.

The Nuclear Energy Skills Alliance (of which we are a member) has asked us to take the lead on providing labour market intelligence (LMI) for the nuclear sector, including publishing annual national Nuclear Workforce Assessments, supplemented by regional reports.

We have developed the Nuclear Workforce Model to generate LMI for the needs of a changing nuclear industry, including the operation of existing plants, decommissioning those no longer generating power, the construction and operation of the new fleet of plants, the manufacturing and service supply chains, and regulators. We have gathered information on current and future workforces directly from key companies throughout these sectors, and from skills bodies who already hold relevant data.

Cogent Skills works closely with Government Departments and agencies, alongside partners, stakeholders and training providers key to the skills and science agenda to deliver skills initiatives and solutions for the benefit of science employers.

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