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Advice and Information

Where to go for help

13-18 year Advice

Some schools and colleges have dedicated in-house careers advisers but others may call in external careers experts and organisations.

The way that careers advice and guidance for 13-18 year olds is made available differs across the UK. You may get some helpful advice from teachers when it comes to choosing your subject options, or you may have the chance to talk to a specialist careers adviser. If you are not sure, ask your science or technology teachers.  Your school and local authority has a responsibility to ensure you get good quality advice to help you choose the most suitable qualifications and career routes.

The National Careers Service has a range of excellent services for 13-18 year olds in education and also for adults. They have produced a number of videos which cover how people can set career targets for themselves and decide how they will achieve them. The videos (hosted on YouTube) are being released daily on the National Careers Service Facebook channel

Adult Careers Advice

Adults can get help with career decisions, including assessing your current skills and helping you access all the career related tools that are available. You can call them on 0800 100 900 and it’s free from mobiles and they will you back! Contact the National Careers Service for more details of how they can help you.


For undergraduates and graduates, your individual university will have dedicated careers and employability advisers. The main source of online information is available through Prospects. An interactive video library of graduate roles is available at CareerPlayer.



Futurelearn are offering free Massive Open Online Courses in Science, Maths & Technology subjects from leading worldwide learning institutions. Most courses require no previous understanding of a subject, or only a basic familiarity and are great for preparing for further study or just developing an interest in a topic.


The UCAS 'Explore Jobs' tool allows you to search for jobs in different categories and provides you with information about the role and entry requirements.

What Employers Want

What Employers Want is a free resource which contains direct advice from employers to help 16-25 year olds secure a job and develop their careers. It highlights that young people are most likely to start a career by having:

  • a positive attitude;

  • 'soft skills' such as communication, problem-solving, time management, teamwork and show how they can work well under pressure;

  • 'hard skills' with a high value on literacy, numeracy and IT skills;

  • key qualifications or a commitment to boost their qualifications; and

  • experience of part-time jobs, work-placements or work-experience or volunteering.
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