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Advice for Parents & Guardians

As a parent, you want your child to have the best possible start in their career. University is now not the only viable route at the end of full time education.

Apprenticeships are a fantastic way for individuals to gain qualifications and workplace experience. Apprentices are expected to undertake some classroom-based activity and we have a number of specialist training providers who have been selected for their track record for developing highly skilled, confident and work-ready apprentices. The training may be delivered exclusively at the place of work or involve some activity at a local training provider (e.g. a College or specialist training organisation).

Becoming an apprentice sets individuals on a structured route to a career path whilst they also earn a living and gain a professional qualification. Apprenticeship frameworks incorporate highly transferable and useful skills and act as a stepping stone to further Continuing Professional Development (CPD). Apprentices will learn at their own rate and will have support as and when they need it.

Each apprentice will be given a mentor to help guide them from the moment they join us to when they complete their Apprenticeship framework. The process begins by conducting a mini skills match to assess apprentices against suitable job vacancies, this allows us to create a bespoke development plan and help candidates to prepare for interviews.

The support doesn’t stop once the apprentice is in a job; we provide ongoing support and work with both the employer and training provider to ensure that training and development is of a standard and your child is progressing at a steady speed.

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