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How do I learn through an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a framework made up of a technical certificate and a National Vocational Qualification plus key transferable skills such as communications skills, application of number and working with others.

The learning provider provides the knowledge and helps you to develop skills while the employer provides the practical experience to put those skills to the test. Training can be classroom based, in a workshop or in a workplace, depending on the subject and on the learning provider.

How much do I get paid?

Your level of pay will depend on your employer and the type of work you are undertaking. The minimum you can expect to earn is the Apprentice National Minimum wage which is currently set at £2.73 per hour or a minimum of £95.55 a week (based on working 35 hours a week).

Will an Apprenticeship give me a good career?

Undertaking an Apprenticeship will provide you with excellent career progression opportunities. 85% of apprentices stay in employment after finishing their Apprenticeship and over the course of their careers apprentices will earn approximately £100,000 more than those without such training.

What time of year can I start an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships run throughout the year. You can apply through our website at any time of year. Starting your work with an employer will depend on when they make a position available. Once you have registered with us we will keep you posted with opportunities that are relevant to you.

What are the advantages of an Apprenticeship?

Gaining a qualification while on the job can also mean:

  • You work better and more effectively.
  • You get better pay.
  • You get to experience new and different challenges.
  • Your existing skills and knowledge are recognised and can help you gain a qualification faster.
  • You learn at your own pace and get support when you need it.
  • You gain skills and knowledge which can be used across a range of jobs and industries.
  • Stay debt free
  • You will get an NUS Apprentice card and receive discounts from hundreds of high street names.

Can I join a trade union as an apprentice?

Most employed apprentices can join a trade union. To find out which is the most relevant trade union to your workplace visit;

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