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LEVEL 6 (ST0473)

The level 6 Science Industry Process and Plant Engineers help to design the manufacturing process for science–based technology and products.

Level: LEVEL 6

Duration: Typically 60 months

Funding Band: £26,000

Entry Requirements:

Apprentices should have 5 GCSE’s at grade C or above, including English, maths and science. They should hold relevant Level 3 qualifications, providing a suitable number of UCAS point to warrant entry to a Level 6 Higher Education programme

Applying their knowledge of underlying engineering principles, Science Industry Process and Plant Engineers will develop and implement new processes or plant to support business improvement and product development, within deadlines, budget, and quality requirements.

Typical job titles of Science Industry Process and Plant Engineers are sometimes also known as process engineer, process control engineer, process safety engineer, chemical engineer, project engineer, biochemical engineer, plant engineer, maintenance engineer.  The standard is made up of knowledge, skills and behaviours.

Typically, the training period will last around 60 months, with EPA in the following 6 months. The learning is focused on ensuring the apprentice acquires the knowledge, skills and behaviours, as set out by the standard, as well as achieving a bachelor’s degree in an engineering discipline, such as chemical, biochemical, biomedical, mechanical, manufacturing, process.

Completion of this standard warrants application for IEng, (Incorporated Engineer) status, through a relevant, PEI (Professional Engineering Institution).

Knowing that your apprentice is on track is important and that is why SIAS offers its highly regarded Tracker document and Competence Evaluation Log that gives both the apprentice and employer confidence as the learning progresses.

Guidance materials and individual support for training providers, apprentices and employers are provided throughout the on-programme learning. We also deliver a number of events and webinars to advise and guide across the range of apprenticeships we assess.

The EPA consists of 2 assessment methods

Workplace Synoptic Project Presentation & Discussion

Presentation based on a summary report prepared by the apprentice. This includes a series of questions that cover key areas of the standard

Presentation based on a summary report prepared by the apprentice. This includes a series of questions that cover key areas of the standard

Structured discussion around the key elements of the apprenticeship

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