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Process Safety & Manufacturing

Cogent Skills is identified as the main skills body for Competence and Regulatory Compliance within High Hazard industries.

process safety courses designed by industry for industry

Our PSM training follows the Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board standards, which are industry led and meet regulatory guidelines. Delivered by industry experts with over 20 years of experience, this helps you:

  • Improve operational integrity and reduce the risk of a major accident.
  • Implement culture change and knowledge training to help your organisation stay safe and operate best practice.
  • Ensure that your competency management, process safety compliance and existing systems are fit for purpose.
  • Maintain your ‘License to Operate’.


Senior Executives, Board Members, Leaders, Managers and Operators of high hazard facilities - responsible for the safe operations of Assets, People, Systems and the Environment.

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Designed by industry – for industry. 
Our courses are recognised as good practice by the HSE’s ‘Understanding COMAH: The Performance and Recognition Framework.

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PSMCPB Approved
Regulatory Standard
PSMCPB Approved
Process Safety Leadership for Senior Executives (PSL)
Process Safety Leadership for Senior Executives: demonstrate best practice in Major Hazard…
PSMCPB Approved
Process Safety Management Foundations (PSMF)
Process Safety Management Foundations: Managers and supervisors working in high hazard industries…
PSMCPB Approved
Process Safety Management Foundations – Interactive Blended Learning (PSMF)
Process Safety Management Foundations - All employees working in high hazard industries…
PSMO: License to Train
Process Safety Management for Operations - The PSMO Licence to Train will…
PSMCPB Approved
PSMO: In-house
Process Safety Management for Operations: Designed to provide essential process safety training…
Regulatory Standard
Process Safety Awareness
Process Safety Awareness provides an introduction to the basic principles of process…
Process Safety Management for Site Champions
This course has been designed to give delegates a detailed understanding of…
PSM Refresher
Process Safety Management Refresher - Revisit key learning and principles of Process…
PSMCPB Approved
ECITB Hazard Management Foundations
In partnership with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), employers can…
NEBOSH HSE Certificates and Awards
Globally recognised health, safety and risk qualifications from NEBOSH and the Health…
NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management
Includes value-added Process Safety Management training standards.
NEBOSH HSE Award in Risks & Managing Risk Assessments at Work
Structured around the H.S.E’s approach to controlling the risks caused by workplace…
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An Overview

All Process Safety Management training courses have been approved by expert panels and meet the relevant awarding body or industry standard. Content has been developed by rigorously vetted, subject matter experts - who have benchmarked content to COMAH / SEVESO III competence and compliance requirements against:

Process Safety versus Occupational (Personal) Safety– what’s the difference?

Both could end in tragedy! A very basic explanation:

  • Occupational Safety. The hazards arise from the activity and the immediate work area. They are largely controlled by the individual (via work methods, and things like PPE). Occupational safety focusses on incidents which may impact the worker and those nearby.
  • Process Safety. Here, hazards are in the system – stored energy, toxic or flammable materials, high temperatures etc. – and systems are needed to control these from design, through operations and changes. Loss of control of these hazards can lead to significant or catastrophic events which have greater consequences to your people, assets and the environment.

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To explore your specialist skills opportunities! Let’s discuss which of our solutions will be best for your needs! Click 'Let's meet'  to book in a FREE 30-minute discovery session. Watch our video to learn more.

Since Tata Steel adopted the PSM training programme in 2016 our business has seen a:
• Marked improvement in awareness of process safety across our many locations not only in the UK but also on our European and Global sites.
• Employee engagement with process safety has increased
• More and more of our employees are aware of their role in managing process safety.
As a business operating with many high hazard facilities including upper, lower tier and also NON-COMAH sites and a strategic industry with more than 8000 employees in the UK alone, safety is always at the forefront of our concerns and continuous improvement in our process safety culture is a key objective.
Prior to adopting the PSM programme, process safety management was often seen as the responsibility of a small team of specialists, whereas now, after implementing the Process Management standards across our COMAH and NON-COMAH sites, everyone better understands their role in leading and managing process safety from boardroom to operations and engineering managers to control pulpits and workshops.
I believe that this has helped to raise our combined knowledge and competence of process safety as we address the ongoing challenges that the steel industry faces.

Colin Foster

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