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Building a Thriving Chemistry Industry: Bridging the Talent Gap for the Future

Date: Monday 22nd April 2024
Location: Salters' Hall, London
Time: 11.00 am

A skills roundtable event
Monday 19 April 2.00pm
Salters’ Hall, London

At this event, attendees will:

  • Identify existing and planned activities aimed at promoting careers in chemistry
  • Review valuable insights and data on the talent pipeline
  • Identify areas for improvement and more effective strategies
  • Learn from best practice examples in other industries
  • Engage with industry skills experts

By the end of the session, attendees will have a better understanding of the available skills programs across the sector. They will also develop practical recommendations to enhance their own talent pipelines. Don’t miss out on this chance to future-proof your workforce.

This event is ideally suited for HR or skills professionals currently working in the UK chemical sector and/or anyone with an employer skills interest related to chemistry.

About the organisers
Cogent Skills

Cogent Skills is committed to supporting the skills, needs and ambitions across the UK science and technology sector. We offer a diverse range of services, from safety-based training for high-hazard industries to end-to-end apprenticeships and early talent services for some of the world’s leading science companies. And as a charitable-owned organisation, we actively support collaborative employer-led action on skills across the life sciences, nuclear and low-carbon sectors, working hard to improve the skills landscape for all.

The Salters’ Company
The Salters Company is one of the twelve Great Livery Companies in the City of London. Through our flagship charity, The Salters Institute of Industrial Chemistry, our mission is to promote the teaching, learning and appreciation of chemistry and its allied disciplines. We aim to inspire and empower young people to see their potential and to help support a sustainable talent pipeline that delivers excellence for research and industry.

We do this through our fellowships and awards and by connecting learners and educators to opportunities that can transform their perception of chemistry, how it shapes our lives and the professional opportunities it can offer. Social mobility is at the heart of our work, and we prioritise working with students and schools from underserved communities; low-income backgrounds; schools with a high proportion of free school meals.

Future Ready

Cogent Skills is sector based, working with companies from across the Science and Technology Industries embracing Life Sciences, Industrial Sciences and Nuclear.
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