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The future direction for industrial science apprenticeships

Date: Wednesday 29th March 2023
Location: On-line Event
Time: 12.30pm - 1.15pm

This free webinar will give an overview of the state of decarbonisation technology now and potential future directions for industrial science apprenticeships. It will bring together practitioners, industry officials and experts to investigate how decarbonisation technologies will affect apprenticeships and, ultimately, the entire sector.

The webinar will have two parts:

  1. How the industry uses decarbonisation technology in its current apprenticeship programmes and any potential cultural and economic effects.
  2. An interactive conversation among the panellists on how to most effectively tackle the issues raised in the first section and how to overcome the obstacles which might limit the widespread adoption of this technology.

The webinar will give participants a deeper understanding of the use cases in industrial science apprenticeships, a greater insight into what obstacles exist when using this technology and a pathway for more meaningful collaboration between industry experts, practitioners, educational institutions and apprentices.

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