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Start Date: Wednesday 16 November 2022 
End Date: Thursday 24 November 2022
Location: #TheBigConversation
Time: 11.00am - 12.00pm

We welcome all Employers, apprentices, and providers to join the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE) for the #BigConversation. This event will give those working in science and technology companies the chance to put their views across to policy influencers on all aspects of technical education and the skills system.

We want to hear what’s working, what isn’t – and how the system supports your business, sector or education path.

The themes that will be discussed include:

  • Qualifications: Breadth and range of qualifications
  • National System: How far the skills system supports national priorities, such as the levelling up agenda
  • Progression: How far the system allows you, your organisation, or your region to progress
  • Confidence: How confident you feel that the system can deliver what your business or region needs
  • Quality: Quality of the system and the qualifications which support it

There will be 3 workshops which will be exclusive for employers, providers and employers to voice their opinion and listen to that of their peers.

Workshop 1- Employers. 16 November 2022. 11.00am – 12.00pm

Workshop 2- Providers. 17 November 2022. 11.00am – 12.00pm

Workshop 3- Apprentices. 24 November 2022. 11.00am – 12.00pm

To ensure science and technology companies have a voice in this exercise and being in the driving seat gives us an opportunity to hear all the discussions and be a part of the messaging/dialogue/follow-up.

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Cogent Skills is sector based, working with companies from across the Science and Technology Industries embracing Life Sciences, Industrial Sciences and Nuclear.
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