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Competency Management: Best Practice Approach to Major Accident Prevention

Date: Thursday 8th June 2023
Location: Zoom
Time: 12.00pm
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Effective competence management is an essential element of process safety, helping to ensure safety critical activities are performed to an appropriate standard whilst raising the knowledge and awareness of your employees’ role in preventing major accidents. This Knowledge Share webinar, featuring experts in Competency and Change Management in regulatory environments, will examine the ways in which the competence of employees in relation to the control of Major Accident Hazards can be identified, assessed and managed as part of a competence assurance system.

Attendees will hear first-hand from practised competence specialists on the experience of developing Competence Management Systems (CMS) for COMAH and high-hazard sites, providing practical actionable advice for employers wanting to implement, improve and/or get the most from their own CMS.

Why attend

  • You can learn the importance and benefits of implementing and sustaining an effective CMS.
  • Hear from leading industry practitioners at high-hazard sites on the successful ongoing development of their own CMS.
  • Find out how inadequate competence management has contributed to major safety incidents and the lessons learned.
  • Receive practical support and guidance on developing your own CMS.

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