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LEVEL 3 - ST0584

Level 3 Funeral Director is designed for apprentices seeking a career in arranging, conducting and managing funerals.

Level: 3

Duration: 12 months

Funding Band: £4500

Entry Requirements:

Level 2 Funeral team member (Arranger or Operative) or minimum 12 months industry experience.

A funeral director has overall responsibility for the client and the deceased by arranging, conducting and managing the funeral. The funeral director will act as a role model, mentor and coach to the team. They will liaise with a wide range of other organisations and services on behalf of the client to deliver the funeral. On the day of the funeral, a funeral director briefs and leads the team and is the central point of contact, coordination and escalation of feedback. Creating and developing sensitive working relationships with clients and stakeholders such as suppliers, the police, coroners and medical personnel is a key part of the role.

Funeral directors are the first point of contact for colleagues regarding specialist funeral services such as exhumation, bequeathal, repatriation, military funerals, burial at sea and multiple funerals. Day to day operations include planning and coordinating arrangements and resources for funerals; overseeing pre-funeral checks; ensuring the funeral meets the needs of the client; assisting in the preparation and presentation of coffins and the deceased; delivering third party products and services; pre-need and aftercare services.

Funeral directors must act as an ambassador by upholding the reputation and professional image of the business and actively develop relationships within the local community. They will converse with local customs and practices (all denominations and faiths) and utilise market data to become the funeral director of choice in the area. Funeral directors will work out-of-hours on a rota basis and cover a variety of roles within the funeral sector both on and off site.


On Demand Test

Scenario Based Multiple-Choice Questions covering the core knowledge elements.

Simulated Scenario

The scenarios will test behavioural, analytical and decision-making skills based on realistic situations.

Professional Discussion

A discussion between the apprentice and the End-Point Assessor.

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