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Cogent Skills is the main skills body for Competence within High Hazard industries and author of Competency Management System guidelines.

Our portfolio of subject matter experts deliver specialist solutions to help leaders adhere to regulatory compliance, improve human factor competence, manage change and prepare for future talent. Specially designed for the rigorous standards required by global high hazard industries – who need to protect their people, assets and the environment.

Competence and Compliance Management subject matter expert consultants will Review, Design, and Implement your Policies, Procedures and Framework Systems. All solutions are benchmarked to regulatory requirements for COMAH / SEVESO III and High Hazard businesses, who need to:  improve their:

Competence Management

For leaders responsible for workforce competency, to deliver the safe operations of systems and assets.

Human Factors

For leaders responsible for managing the risk and prevention of human failure, who need to align business with the  Competent Authority’s Operational Delivery Guide – Inspecting Human Factors at COMAH Establishments.

Process Safety & Manufacturing

For leaders who need to benchmark their systems and procedures to  COMAH / SEVESO III and high hazard site requirements - to help maintain their workforce’s competence, process safety and regulatory compliance.

Leadership And Change

For leaders responsible for delivering strategic change and growth via the improvement of their workforce’s culture, knowledge, skills and behaviours. 

Planning to re-purpose, mothball, decommission or introduce new assets? We can put planning systems in place to address risks and potential impact on your existing safety arrangements.

Net Zero Preparedness

Helping you prepare your Assets, People, Procedures and Systems for Net Zero changes. Suitable for businesses who are adapting to Hydrogen or Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage (CCUS).

Bespoke and Blended Learning

For leaders who need to develop a customised and specifically designed training programme. We merge your own procedures, messaging, branding and training with Cogent Skills course content (where required).

WHat our stakeholders say

“Preparing for Net Zero? High Hazard Leaders need to ask themselves – Are your existing systems fit for purpose? If you are adapting to change, re-developing assets, adopting to new technologies, carbon capture or hydrogen, COMAH may apply. Review your workforce competence and compliance management systems to make sure you keep pace with change”

Max Walker

A good course...we looked at what could go wrong, how badly it could go wrong and what could be put in place to make the process safer. It made you question if what was in place is right and not just accept that it is. Well paced and well presented!

Jonathan Marshall

“HSE's analysis of recent major hazard leadership interventions has highlighted the links between poor performance on site and a lack of competency in the management of major hazards at senior leadership level.

Boards should have at least one person who is accountable for process safety performance and workforce competence, who understands how the decisions made at board level can impact upon safety, both now and into the future."

Matt Lea

Case studies

Whelan Refining SMPO Apprentices
6 March 2023

We spoke to Andrew Winfield and Apprentices Alan Bamford and Levi Lanaghan at Whelan Refining the benefits of apprenticeships.

Educate your Boss
3 November 2022

PSM is not just for process safety professionals! You could be missing out on something that your peers or competitors have in hand. By Richard …

Cogent Skills recruit & manage four experienced Senior Research Assistants for biotechnology company INmune Bio
27 September 2022

INmune Bio Inc. is a US-based biopharmaceutical company focussed on therapies arising from the innate immune system.  The UK subsidiary is INmune Bio International, based …

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To explore your specialist skills opportunities! Let’s discuss which of our solutions will be best for your needs! Click 'Let's meet'  to book in a FREE 30-minute discovery session. 

To explore your specialist skills opportunities! Let’s discuss which of our solutions will be best for your needs! Click 'Let's meet'  to book in a FREE 30-minute discovery session. Watch our video to learn more.

Consultancy News

New courses launched to keep employees safe in high-hazard industries
26 April 2024

Cogent Skills are delighted to launch a selection of new courses to its safety training catalogue. The eight new courses add to Cogent’s existing catalogue …

Transforming Process Safety Performance: A Cultural Shift
10 April 2024

Developing strong process safety performance often requires a shift in organisational culture – so how should employers bring about this transformation and why is it …

Industry leaders launch major new skills study for COMAH sites
20 February 2024

A group of leading experts has launched a major study into managing process safety in high-hazard industrial sites. Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) regulated …

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Cogent Skills is sector based, working with companies from across the Science and Technology Industries embracing Life Sciences, Industrial Sciences and Nuclear.
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