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Getting The Science & Technology Sector Future Ready

Prepare for tomorrow with the right skills and capabilities in place today. As specialists in skills for science and technology, we're here to make sure your business, your people and our industry are future ready. 
We're working to support the development of the green skills and occupations required to achieve net zero within the UK science and technology sector.
Our skills manifesto highlights the key challenges facing science and technology employers. Its insights are as a result of direct engagement with industry and our experience of the skills system.
We're committed to ensuring employers have the skills needed for success.  To celebrate our 21 years supporting ours sector, our impact report highlights some of our key achievements.
Specialist training services to develop your skills base, improve safety and manage risks in high-hazard industries. 
SIAS is our Ofqual approved End-Point Assessment Organisation for the technical science and engineering apprenticeship sectors.
The HSA convenes industry, academia, research organisations, industrial clusters, government & skills bodies to support the move to a hydrogen-fuelled economy.

What's New

From Lab Apprentice to Expert: Joe Thomas’ Journey in Applied Chemical Science at Bristol-Myers Squibb
4 March 2024
Joe Thomas is reaching the end of his Level 6 Apprenticeship in Applied Chemical Science at…
Transforming Process Safety Performance: A Cultural Shift
10 April 2024
Developing strong process safety performance often requires a shift in organisational culture – so how should…
TIRO and SIAS Forge Groundbreaking Partnership to Advance Science and Technology Apprenticeships and Support STEM Industries Nationally
6 March 2024
TIRO and SIAS are proud to announce the establishment of a dynamic new collaboration aimed at…
27 October 2023
Undergraduate placements, graduate placements, and graduate schemes arepowerful tools on their own, providing opportunities to engage…
SIP Skills Impact
11 April 2024
Understand the impact SIP has had over the last 10 years Download the report
Key players in chemical industry join forces to help build future talent pipeline
23 April 2024
The Chemical Industry Skills Matrix brings together the complete skills offer from each organisation, giving a…

Future Ready

Cogent Skills is sector based, working with companies from across the Science and Technology Industries embracing Life Sciences, Industrial Sciences and Nuclear.
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