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Process safety for industry 

Setting the standard for workforce competence and process safety compliance.

Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board

For workforce competence and process safety compliance

The Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board’s (PSM CP) priority is to provide training standards and education to industry leaders who manage process safety hazards with the potential for catastrophic incidents to people, the environment or property. For COMAH and non-COMAH facilities - to help build and maintain their workforce’s competence.

The Board aims the to help Major Accident Hazard site leadership to keep their sites safe and reduce the risk of a catastrophic incident to people, the environment or their assets - which in turn will help them to keep their ‘License to Operate’.

The PSM Competence Programme Board (PSM CP) and its Expert Panel, were established in October 2010 in response to a call from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive for the industry to do more following the Buncefield storage facility and Texas City refinery disasters.

The volunteer Board is a collaboration of industry leaders, duty holders, trade unions, industry associations, stakeholders, and regulatory bodies; it meets on a quarterly basis and is chaired by Richard Roff, Group Process Safety Director at Costain.

The Board’s purpose is to:

  • Establish and maintain industry training and standards - providing ongoing direction to keep Major Accident Hazard sites safe and responsibly manage their process risks
  • Create leadership awareness about the importance of process safety management across the High Hazard sectors
  • Encourage companies to take on Process Safety Leadership training and cascade it through their organisation

The PSM training standards framework, which has been developed and maintained by the Board, is benchmarked to COMAH / SEVESO II requirements.  It covers process safety management skills, knowledge, understanding and culture, and is relevant to all industries that have process safety risks – those with the potential for catastrophic incidents to people, the environment or property. (Watch previous PSM CP Board members explain more here)

Cogent Skills is the sole training delivery partner for the PSM CP Board course content. 

Useful Links

HSE COMAH Guidance Publication - PSM Training, Recognising Competence in Process Safety Leadership, Management and Operations

HSE Publication:  ‘Understanding COMAH: The Performance and Recognition Framework' (Training standards mentioned on Page 11, section 54D)

Competence Management Systems Guidelines for COMAH Sites

About - The PSM Training Standards and Development Timeline

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