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Discover how we've helped our customers grow and develop their most important assets through our workforce skills solutions.

Case studies

Front-loaded Apprenticeship Benefits
8 March 2023

Apprenticeships are becoming increasingly flexible to ensure all employers in all sectors can benefit from them. This was the primary objective of creating Flexi-job Apprenticeship …

Whelan Refining SMPO Apprentices
6 March 2023

We spoke to Andrew Winfield and Apprentices Alan Bamford and Levi Lanaghan at Whelan Refining the benefits of apprenticeships.

Q&A With Victrex Apprentice Sioned Morris
8 February 2023

We had a Q&A session with Sioned Morris about her experiences as a Business Administration Apprentice at Victrex

James Fox: Apprenticeship at AstraZeneca Case Study.
21 December 2022

Higher and degree-level apprenticeships give candidates a chance to gain the experiences, skills, and training to kick-start their career without the barriers of student debt.

Upper Tier COMAH Site Outcomes and Lessons from a Process Safety Management Champion
21 December 2022

From improved levels of workforce psychological safety to a reduction in process safety related incidents, EPC-UK shares positive outcome impacts and lessons from adopting the Process Safety Management (PSM) training standards for high hazard industries.

Bespoke Process Safety Training and Blended Learning – How to start?
1 December 2022

High Hazard and COMAH site leaders. Learn how to develop your own training content. Get planning tips, lessons learned, do’s and don’ts plus business outcomes …

Educate your Boss
3 November 2022

PSM is not just for process safety professionals! You could be missing out on something that your peers or competitors have in hand. By Richard …

Congratulations to Olivia Buckley on Apprentice of the Year & Cogent Skills Award
19 October 2022

This year Olivia was awarded Phase 1 Apprentice of the Year for the 2021 intake at TTE beating 36 other candidates to the accolade.

Cogent Skills recruit & manage four experienced Senior Research Assistants for biotechnology company INmune Bio
27 September 2022

INmune Bio Inc. is a US-based biopharmaceutical company focussed on therapies arising from the innate immune system.  The UK subsidiary is INmune Bio International, based …

How a COMAH site developed it’s Competence Management System (CMS)
6 September 2022

Vita Comfort UK’s Operations Director – Nick Wood, shares insight to help high hazard industry leaders develop their site’s Competence Management System – to reduce …

Why Unilever Adopted the Cogent Bespoke Blended Learning Model
6 September 2022

Virtual bespoke training to solve major, multi- site logistical and professional resourcing issues – supporting equality and inclusivity The challenge In 2014, Unilever UK, Ireland …

How isolated oil and gas crews benefit from bespoke virtual learning
6 September 2022

Learn how Stena Drilling’s bespoke virtual Process Safety Management training improved productivity – during crew’s COVID-19 isolation. The challenge Stena Drilling needed a completely virtual …

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