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The Science Industry Partnership (SIP) is a powerful employer-led membership alliance committed to the growth and development of a highly-skilled, world-class workforce for the science industries. 

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How can SIP membership support you?

Connect with a vibrant community of professionals who share your ambition for skills in our sector.  Taking part in SIP employer-led strategic skills groups covering Apprenticeships, Careers Outreach or Regulatory Compliance offers you the chance to be inspired, share your ideas and drive our sector to new heights

Our members collaborate and share best practice on Apprenticeships, UK Skills Policy, Local Skills, Careers Outreach and more. Our members cover a diverse cross section of the UK science and technology sector.

Through the power of one collective voice, SIP members speak out on the skills challenges affecting your workforce. Ensuring science industry employers are empowered with a strong voice to shape the skills agenda, influencing policy makers on the unique challenges we face in our sector.

With SIP membership, you’ll get access to our specialist skills team offering employer friendly advice and practical support across areas such as Apprenticeships, Careers Outreach and  Skills Policy.

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“The SIP’s careers outreach work and Ambassador training supports the development of our workforce and champions our business in the local community.”

Paul Hunt

"Knowing that SIP holds regular dialogue with Government departments on the skills agenda is a great bonus for us."

Jacqui Hall

"It’s so important that employers do not have to face skills challenges alone. SIP provides a fantastic platform that enables us to collaborate together."

Malcolm Skingle

Tomorrows Success Starts Here

Apprenticeship Support

We provide expert guidance for your new or existing apprenticeship programmes. With practical one to one consultancy covering everything from apprenticeship standards funding and assessment to developing the skills and knowledge of your team.

Careers Outreach

Build a pipeline of future talent, positively impact your community and create an uplifting and impactful experience for your employees. Our SIP Ambassador programme provides a comprehensive outreach solution to train, develop and support your workforce as they inspire the next generation.

Skills Insight

Science is a crucial driver of the economy – our productivity increasingly relies upon technological advances and, in particular high-level vocational and applied science skills.

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Speak to our membership team about how you can access a whole range of benefits designed to help you grow the skills in your workplace and our industry. 

Contact [email protected] or call us on 01925 51522

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