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Skilled Apprentices Seeking New Employers: Your New Talent Opportunity
16 February 2024

Unlock a unique hiring opportunity with skilled apprentices trained by the world-leading company Pfizer. These apprentices, with a variety of training and experience, are seeking …

Nearly half of all high hazard sites have engaged with process safety management competence programme
15 February 2024

Half of all British onshore high hazard sites have engaged in process safety training designed to reduce the risk of catastrophic incidents

Influential green skills expert joins Cogent Skills
5 February 2024

Green skills expert Jude Knight has joined Cogent Skills as the organisation’s new Low Carbon Strategic Skills Lead, bringing her experience to help the organisation drive forward the green skills agenda.

Future Skills for the Chemicals Industry
5 February 2024

The UK chemicals sector is a key enabler for achieving Net-Zero. The sector provides many of the
technologies needed to transition
to a low carbon economy, and our highlyskilled, technically advanced workforce can play a leading role in the charge for industrial decarbonisation.

New figures show apprenticeships on the rise
31 January 2024

Apprenticeship starts across UK employers rose by seven per cent in the first quarter of 2023/24, according to new in-year government figures. In August, September …

Cogent Skills celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2024
30 January 2024

This year’s National Apprenticeship Week will take place from February 5 to 11. Organised by the Department of Education, National Apprenticeship Week celebrates the huge …

Regulatory inspection – what to expect and how to prepare
23 January 2024

Adequately preparing for regulatory inspection is key to minimising the potential for a poor result.

Advanced British Standard: ‘What You Need to Know’
18 January 2024

The proposed Advanced British Standard is designed to ensure technical and academic education are placed on an equal footing and would see a complete reform of the post-16 education landscape.

Apprenticeships 101: Your Route to Fresh Talent and New Skills
18 January 2024

We’ve developed a ‘back to basics’ webinar for employers focussing on embracing apprenticeships in the science, technology and manufacturing sector.

UK Nuclear Skills Awards 2024
12 January 2024

This will be the 16th annual UK Nuclear Skills Awards organised by NSAN and Cogent Skills. The event has become a highly anticipated event in the nuclear sector’s calendar. The UK Nuclear Skills Awards are arranged to highlight the excellence that exists within our sector and highlight the nuclear stars of the present and future through a number of awards.

Building a Thriving Chemistry Industry: Bridging the Talent Gap for the Future
12 January 2024

With many sectors facing a critical skills shortage, attracting and retaining the very best talent is currently at the top of the corporate agenda. This roundtable will provide a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights into initiatives that promote careers in chemistry from primary school to university.

Important new apprenticeship and standard approved
21 December 2023

A new apprenticeship for Process Industry Manufacturing Technicians and an updated standard for Science Manufacturing Technicians have been approved, following extensive development and design work by a trailblazer group of industry professionals and facilitated by Cogent Skills.

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