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Process Industry Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship – Alpek
This is a fantastic opportunity to join Alpek Polyester UK Ltd. manufacturing shift team at Wilton as a Process Industry Manufacturing Technician Apprentice. The role ...
Laboratory Scientist Apprenticeship (Protein and Cell Engineering) – Vertex Pharmaceuticals
This role will involve working to support our molecular cloning and protein expression teams where we generate tool reagents (nucleic acids, proteins and cells) that ...
Mechanical Maintenance Technician Apprenticeship – Alpek
This is a fantastic opportunity to join Alpek Polyester UK Ltd. as a Mechanical Maintenance Technician Apprentice. The role involves working alongside skilled maintenance technicians, ...
Operations (Level 3) Apprentice – px Group
We are seeking a Process Industry Manufacturing Technician Apprentice to join our Operations Team at Beckton Combined Heat and Intelligent Power Plant (CHiP) in Beckton, ...

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