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LEVEL 2 - ST0594

Level 2 Funeral Team Member is designed for apprentices seeking a career in helping to manage funeral arrangements.

Level: 2

Duration: 12 Months

Funding Band: £4000

Entry Requirements:

There are no minimum entry requirements for this standard.

Funeral team members are the first point of contact for the business so must create a good first impression, put clients at ease, take information, answer questions or find answers, building good client relationships and confidence while upholding the image of the business. Funeral team members make a positive difference to their clients at a challenging, emotional time and contact with the deceased is a key aspect of any role within this industry. Working with people, feeling passionate about supporting and assisting clients is a rewarding and worthwhile job that provides excellent career opportunities. Funeral team members will specialise in one of two roles.

A Funeral Arranger – Supports the funeral director by arranging funerals and pre-payment plans, handling customer enquiries, sales and after care either on or off site. Administration and payment reconciliation is a part of this job role.

A Funeral Operative – Plays an active role in assisting the funeral director on funerals, cleaning and driving a variety of vehicles, bringing the deceased into care, preparing the deceased and coffins and supporting client visits. Operatives will participate in an out-of-hours service.


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On Demand Test

Multiple choice test covering core and relevant specialist functions.

Competence Scenario

A practical observation of an activity testing behavioural, analytical and decision-making skills in a realistic setting.

Professional Discussion

A discussion between the apprentice and the End-Point Assessor underpinned by a portfolio of evidence.

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