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A skills Manifesto for science & technology

A Skills Manifesto for Science and Technology

The science sector drives prosperity through high-quality jobs across all regions of the UK, delivers significant social and environmental impacts and helps us tackle the world's most pressing challenges, including the climate crisis and threats to global health.

Developing a skilled, adaptable workforce which meets the needs of individuals, businesses and the wider economy is essential in harnessing this potential. The skills system must respond to employers’ needs and give them access to the skills needed for success– but, despite substantial reforms, the UK continues to suffer from a persistent shortage of technical skills and is significantly less productive than many comparable countries including France, Germany and the US.

This manifesto highlights the key skills challenges facing UK science and technology and is a product of direct engagement with key industry groups including the Science Industry Partnership (SIP), Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) and leading trade associations.  

• Empower sector-led determination of skills needs in alignment with LSIP spatial agenda.

• Promote stability and continuity in the skills system to boost engagement and maintain employer confidence.

• Enhanced transparency of large-scale public infrastructure investments to facilitate skills planning.

• Promote understanding and effective use of post-Brexit immigration routes to unlock their full potential for industry.

• Facilitate UK-wide coordination of devolved administrations’ skills systems.
• Enhanced support and incentives for SMEs to boost engagement in apprenticeship programmes.

• Protect the use of qualifications in apprenticeships.

• Ensure degree apprenticeships continue to offer the same breadth and depth of knowledge as equivalent options.

• Foster true competence by tailoring apprenticeship approaches to individual sector needs.

• Ensure funding band formulas and evidence requirements meet the true cost of apprenticeship delivery.

• Stimulate apprenticeship activity at lower levels to enhance opportunities for learners from deprived areas.

• Boost achievement rates through greater incentives to complete apprenticeships.
• Encourage the development and use of qualifications that encompass a blend of specialised and transferable skills.

• Enhance funding options for employers with specialist high-level skills needs.
• Protect funding for alternative programmes to facilitate smooth T Levels integration.

• Expedite the development of clear progression opportunities for T Level achievers.

• Boost the quality of education and training by raising investment levels in the FE sector.

• Enhance the effectiveness of career guidance by improving teachers’ knowledge of the evolving job market.

• Modernise the curriculum to better prepare students for diverse science careers and educational pathways.

• Facilitate clearer communication of policy changes and initiatives within the skills system to teachers, students, and parents.

• Inspire the next generation of STEM talent through the continued development of careers outreach activity that widens opportunities for all
You can read the full report with recommendations via the link below and to find out more about our skills policy work get in touch.Download Full Report

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