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Specialist recruiting for apprentices, undergraduates and graduates within science companies.

Our team is made up of experts in building targeted recruitment campaigns and processes

We specialise in recruiting for apprentices, undergraduates and graduates within science using companies. Whatever your requirements are, we will create a bespoke recruitment campaign whilst protecting your employer brand.

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4-step Application Process

1. Apply Online

Over 99% of applicants rated our application process easy to use.

2. Profile Matching

Our recruitment team ensure the perfect match between applicant and employer.

3. Anytime Video Interview

Shortlisted applicants complete a one-way video interview which can be taken at any location, at any time on desktop or mobile.

4. Face to face interviews

We arrange a final face to face interview between the applicant and employer.

Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is designed to source the best candidate for each individual opportunity. We provide a quality service and central to this is taking time to understand your needs. It is important to us that we build a high level of synergy between you and the candidate; this allows us to deliver the best candidate within the appropriate timescales.
How we reach potential applicants:
All major social media channels
Our own talent pools
Our website which is also optimised for google jobs listings
Links with local, schools colleges and universities
Leading recruitment platforms (indeed, total jobs)
Local LEPs

WHat our clients say

The team are exceptionally patient, professional and helpful!

Ann Halloran

OUR Graduate & Placement services

Latest News

Meet the team – Kevin Hughes
12 July 2024

In this meet-In this meet-the-team article, we talk to Kevin Hughes, an EPA Relationship Manager at SIAS.

SIP Apprenticeship Survey 2024
4 July 2024

We are excited to invite you to take part in the Science Industry Partnership’s (SIP) Apprenticeship Survey 2024. This 10-minute survey marks the fourth edition of our bi-annual review, and your input has never been more crucial.

Exciting News! SIAS Receives Ofqual Approval to Become a Full Awarding Organisation!
1 July 2024

We are thrilled to announce that SIAS has successfully expanded its Scope of Recognition with Ofqual to include regulated qualifications, achieving full Awarding Organisation (AO) …

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