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Improving individual and organisational performance within high hazard industries


We will Review, Design, Implement and Benchmark your business’ policy and procedures systems

What is a Competence Management System ?
A Competence Management System (CMS) is a set of process procedures (part of the Human Factors Roadmap), which helps you to develop systems to evidence an individual employee’s workplace knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviours. A CMS is designed to comply to COMAH / SEVESO III regulatory and ISO quality systems requirements – to ensure operational competence.

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Why implement a CMS?

Demonstration of a robust CMS is required by major accident hazard site regulators, as listed in:
Managing for health and safety (HSG65)

A CMS improves operational performance, safety and staff morale, by standardising the reliability and consistency of quality production across individual and multi sites, team shifts and global operations.

A robust CMS is for organisations who want to transform their business, improve competitive advantage, drive operational excellence, comply to regulatory requirements and attract / retain the best employees.

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Positive outcomes of a robust CMS can include:

  • Adherence to ISO quality standards
  • Improve operational efficiencies / productivity
  • Attraction, retention and succession planning of best employees
  • Compliance to COMAH / Seveso III regulatory requirements
  • Fulfilment of customer orders – delivering safely, on time, at the right price and produced to the customer’s quality requirements
  • Improved competitive advantage
  • Maintenance of your corporate reputation
  • Improve understanding of your health and safety and operating procedures
  • Reduced risk of human error incidents and accidents
  • Keep your ‘License to Operate’

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