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The Trade Skills Assessment is a comprehensive assessment day designed to benchmark current skills and knowledge, and recommend the most suitable training routes for employees within process or laboratory roles in the science industries.

The Trade Skills Assessment will match your employees to the most appropriate level and type of training based on their skills and knowledge

The assessment takes a full day on site and includes a Skills Scan & Trade test

Skills Scan:

  • Initial Maths, English and ICT assessments.
  • Attention to detail including spelling, punctuation and grammar with hand-writing
  • Review of job descriptions against the proposed training

Trade test

  • Assessment of prior experience in both the subject sector and the current role
  • 3 to 7 test scenarios to understand the learner’s experience in industry
  • Questionnaire to support professional 1:1 discussions with each candidate
  • A professional discussion on a 1:1 basis to review the findings of all the other components
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A report for each candidate highlights the best approach for training and what will be achieved through the training, as well as what impact is projected from achievement.


£1,000 per day (up to 6 candidates can be assessed in one day)

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