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Workplace Competence Assessor For Apprentices

For those mentoring apprentices or assessing competency of apprentices

The Workplace Competence Assessor (WCA) course provides anyone in a role where they are mentoring apprentices or assessing competency of apprentices prior to end assessment with the tools, techniques and skills to evaluate, develop and maintain the competence of their apprentices.

As a result of the Workplace Competence Assessor course, I will review training with the apprentices in line with the expectations of a successful competency assessment. I will also look to review how I approach my own work. It was an engaging course that met all learning types. The delivery of the trainers was very good and they were approachable to ask questions.
Natalie Hunter, Analytical Chemist, Sterling Pharma

About the Course

The course will help your staff/supervisors understand their role in supporting and assessing competency of the apprentice and the part they will play in coaching the apprentice to help them successfully complete the apprenticeship standards. Employees could be in a training role or work within the science industry and need training to be able to assess workplace competence effectively.

WCA has been designed to enable delegates to assess competencies at all levels, rather than complete standard assessments measuring knowledge, giving organisations a clear and accurate picture of the competencies within their organisation. This is especially relevant in regulated environments.

The course is aimed at front line managers, supervisors and team leaders or those who are mentoring or assessing competency of apprentices. It is also suitable for employees who are in a training role or work within the science industry and need training to be able to assess workplace competence.

Course Duration – 2 Days

Regulatory need:

Major hazard organisations require competent staff who have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to undertake critical tasks in such a way as to prevent a major accident or minimise the consequences to people and the environment should one occur.

COMAH Competent Authority, Inspection of Competence Management Systems at COMAH Establishments (Operational Delivery Guide).

How is it delivered?

The WCA course is made up into two days training plus two observations:

WCA Day 1: Principles and Practices of Assessment – six hours tuition and four hours private study.

WCA Day 2: Measuring Competence in the Workplace – approximately six hours tuition plus 16 hours of private study looking at how competence can be measured in your workplace.

Followed by two observation visits to that ensure the assessor is continuing to meet the standard.

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What will I learn?

On completing the course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the role of the Workplace Competence Assessor and Apprenticeships
  • Understand the meaning of competence
  • Plan competency assessments to meet their requirements and those of the apprenticeship standards
  • Make competence decisions against the required criteria
  • Ensure that the assessed person understands the purpose, requirements and the process of assessment
  • Identify and collect the required evidence in a valid, authentic and sufficient manner
  • Provide feedback that affirms competence and identifies additional needs
  • Understand how to maintain the required records
  • Work with others to ensure standardisation of the assessment practice and outcomes


In-house course:

£7,250 + expenses (for up to eight delegates).
Includes two days’ delivery and two 2hr observations per person.

Open course:

£650 per delegate + £550 for the observations

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