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Published: 2nd April 2019

Pfizer Benefits from Trailblazer Standards

Pfizer hire multiple apprentices across a number of sites, on the Science Manufacturing Technician and Laboratory Technician Standards. We caught up with Kate Barclay, Director of Product Supply to find out how Pfizer has benefitted from the Apprenticeship Standards.

Kate said,

The Trailblazer standards have given us more say over how the apprenticeship is structured, we are able to choose the knowledge based qualifications suitable for candidates with varying entry levels, select relevant EH&S certification and also provide internal training from area experts. We also act as a provider and deliver some of our own training, including good laboratory practices and continuous improvement elements. This means that the apprentices are trained by subject matter experts currently within the industry to the expectations of the employer.

She continued,

Cogent Skills has added invaluable depth of knowledge and skills to support the implementation of the apprenticeship standards to the benefit of the employer, but most importantly to support the delivery of a high class apprenticeship within the pharmaceutical industry to the benefit of the apprentices and the wider industry. The apprentices are doing really well after 9 months into the first year of the programme.

I would recommend Apprenticeships to other companies, I think it is a great way to increase the diversity of new talent coming in.

Henry Fowler is one of the Manufacturing Technician apprentices working in Pfizer’s process development facility. His training is delivered on the job with one day a week at college. Typically Henry helps with different projects such as cleaning reactors for a batch of medicines using extensive measures to ensure they are free from contaminants. The role also allows him to build his communication and team working skills.

Henry said,

An Apprenticeship, in my eyes, is the best way to introduce yourself to a specific trade or field. My Apprenticeship has taught me how to manage my time effectively, keep on top of any paperwork and work as part of a team. I enjoy being in education and also working at the same time. Every day I feel like I have achieved something new and I am continuously improving and developing. At the end of my apprenticeship, I will have gained even more knowledge and will have the skills required for the job I have been trained in. Cogent Skills has been very helpful, arranging meetings with me to discuss how I am getting on and arranging training courses for me.

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