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Published: 6th March 2023

Whelan Refining SMPO Apprentices

What made you decide to take this apprenticeship? What advice did you receive? Who from? What information was given/made available to you? Was it the ...

What made you decide to take this apprenticeship? What advice did you receive? Who from? What information was given/made available to you? Was it the right choice?

Cogent Skills delivery model is well suited for the business just needs. Progress in job role and future career opportunities.  Improve current knowledge and the science behind the process.  Confidence and gain qualifications in English and maths. It  has been challenging but worthwhile. OneFile courses and presentations gave us a clear  starting point with options to choose that were right for us.

What prior knowledge / experience did you have that helped you with your programme? Did you feel this was considered by the delivery team? How well did your tutor(s) and assessor plan your delivery with you so you knew what you were studying next?

New to role so had more to learn. The training runs alongside my sign off card at work.
Some transferable knowledge, but didn’t realise how much we needed to learn at a deeper level to be fully competent. Our assessors’ expertise helped it make sense and were quick to respond.

Are there any barriers to apprenticeships you have as an employer? Do you find the 20% OTJ an issue to give to apprentice(s)?

Cogent offering parallel sessions and recordings meets our needs to work around shifts, and gives flexibility and regular targeted support for those who need it.

Are you aware of progression opportunities for you after you have completed your apprenticeship?

Yes.  Internal progression to senior 1st ops, higher education, or apprenticeship.   English & maths transferable to any job.  Good for CV and confidence.

What can apprentices do now which they could not do before and what impact is this having on their work and on the business? What have they have learned already and what they still need to learn by the end of your programme? How do you know what impact the apprenticeship is having on them?

Apprentices gained sign off sheet to become an operators.  Others have a significant gain in knowledge behind the processes, improves awareness in business production, H&S, risk and process roles.  The process qualification has been a challenge but positive.

Levi – enjoyed learning process science, E&M refresher, 1st refusal on promotions, good to transfer to future career. 

They have realised the depth of knowledge  and more aware of regs and laws, work surroundings,  confident to challenge working safely practices..  

Benefit from English and maths a lot.  Quicker and more confidence skills with ICT.

Culture of workplace has improved.  Recommend to a friend – yes.

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