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Company: Lonza - Undergraduates

Are you an ambitious and dedicated undergraduate interested in the Biotechnology and Pharma Industry? Apply Now!

Lonza is a leading global Pharma and Biotechnology organisation employing more than 17,000 people worldwide. Each year we provide 12-month placement opportunities for driven and high-achieving undergraduates within our Slough site. Industrial Placements are lab-based and available in diverse areas of the company, central to Lonza operations. If you are eager to gain hands-on experience in one of the world’s leading suppliers to the Pharma and Biotech industry, we would love to hear from you.

What Lonza expects from you:

· You will have a strong interest in science and technology, with an eye for detail and a drive to work in a pharmaceutical environment

· Must be an undergraduate completing a course with an integrated year in industry

· Predicted 2.1 Degree or higher in a relevant Scientific or Engineering-based discipline

Please be aware due to the competitive nature of the placement program, technical skill and strong academic records are necessary. However, in order to thrive and succeed in our company, this is just the start. Strong communication skills, extracurricular responsibilities and interpersonal skills are also considered valuable competencies, so be sure to give details of your attributes through the duration of our application process.

Desirable attributes:

Lonza’s success depends on our employee’s application of our six core competencies. The competencies we will be looking for are:

· Business acumen

· Customer focus

· Driving results

· Leadership

· Collaboration

· Agility

What you can expect from Lonza:

· Enjoyable and detailed lab-based training, building on existing skills and the opportunity to learn new techniques

· Support with University project requirements

· Competitive salary and company benefits, such as discounted gym membership and social events

· The opportunity to make a valuable contribution within the organization that supports our overall goal of serving our customers and contributes to patient safety

· Development initiatives designed to build behavioural and technical competence

Application Process and Timelines:

The industrial placement programme is managed by Cogent Skills. You will apply to Cogent Skills and the successful candidates will be employed by Cogent Skills. You will be places and work at Lonza for the duration of your placement.

· Applications made through Cogent skills in December

· Interview invites made in January

· Assessment centre held in February

· Offers made in March

· Successful candidates begin the Industrial Placement Program in July

Applications for 2023 have now closed – applications will open for 2024 in December 2023

Available Vacancies

Laboratory Scientist degree apprenticeship (Purification Development) – Lonza
To support Purification Development scientific personnel with the preparation, set-up operation and running of the small-scale chromatography based purification systems. This is a lab based ...

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