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Process Safety Awareness

Process Safety Awareness has been developed to provide anyone involved in a role which does not have direct line responsibility for Process Safety with a basic understanding of the principles of Process Safety and how this fits with, but is different  to Occupational Safety.

It will allow participants to prepare and to learn how to operate safely within the industry that they work and understand the important role they will play in preventing incidents from occurring.

As well as the basic principles and awareness of Process Safety, this course will cover the implications if an accident was to occur on site, using real examples and workshop activity.

Course Delivery

Option 1 – PSA Course

The 1 day course can be delivered directly to your staff by one of our highly experienced delivery partners who is an expert in delivering Process Safety training. It can be delivered on site or at an alternative venue. Open courses are also available.

Option 2 – PSA Licence

Alternatively we can offer a Process Safety Awareness licence to train your trainer to deliver Process Safety Awareness to your workforce. The train the trainer course will be 2 days on your site for up to 8 trainers. If you already have a licensed PSMO trainer, we can cover the introduction to PSA and the assessment over one day.

Companies purchase an annual licence and the train the trainer course, then pay a licence fee for the packs and online tests.

The train the trainer course is delivered by highly experienced training specialist who is an expert in embedding process safety into training.

Whichever option is taken, PSA delegates will undertake an end assessment after the course has been delivered, which can be used to demonstrate their understanding.

Learning outcomes of the new course 

On completion of this course delegates will:

  • Understand the basics of Health and Safety legislation in High Hazard Industries

  • Understand the Principles and Control Measures and what
    we can do to keep barriers strong

  • Be aware of the Principles of Process Safety and how this fits with Occupational Safety

  • Be aware of Hazard and Risk identification measures

  • Be aware of what can happen when we get Process Safety wrong

  • Understand the role of ‘Emergency Response’ in Process Safety Management

  • Have an understanding of what mitigation is and awareness of available mitigation measures


To find out more about the costs for each delivery option you can download the factsheet here

t: 01325 740900

Download the factsheet


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