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Published: 8th March 2024

Mastering Drug Discovery: A Day in the Life of Apprentice Noah Dean at UBC

Noah Dean is currently working towards a Level 7 Masters Apprenticeship, with a qualification in Applied Drug Discovery and Development, with UBC in Slough.

His role has recently changed – having initially worked in the mid-to-late stages of the drug development process, he has now moved into the early stages. This include protein purification and using computer modelling to predict how certain tests will run in the lab.

“A typical day in this role really varies, which I really enjoy. Sometimes I spend most of my time in the lab, sometimes I’m working elsewhere. Then each Friday is my university study day. Other apprentices structure their week a little different but I have the flexibility to decide what works best for me.”

Noah’s route into his Master Apprenticeship began when he completed his A-levels and applied for a mix of academic courses at university and apprenticeships. After visiting UCB he made his mind that he wanted to combine work with study and noticed how the lab facilities he would be working in were more advanced than any of those he had seen at the universities he had visited.

After completing his Level 7, Noah plans to enter full time work and is really positive about the experience he has gained through his apprenticeship.

“I’d recommend an apprenticeship to anyone who’s style of learning would benefit from one. I enjoy the structure my apprenticeship has given me, the chance to become part of a team, spend time with specialists in my field and contribute to the wider business. And obviously going to university means you could end up with a lot of debt, whereas I’m earning while I study.”

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