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Published: 21st August 2023

10 science influencers to follow (part one)

Social media platforms have become powerful tools for science communication, with influencers opening up a range of fascinating concepts in a fun and engaging way. Don’t know where to start? We’ve put together a list of ten science influencers to follow – here’s part one.


@big.manny1 on TikTok (1.6m followers)
This biomedical science post-grad promises ‘science, music & vibes’ and often combines all three in his videos featuring fun experiments.

Jessie Inchauspé

@glucosegoddess on Instagram (2.6m followers)
French biochemist and New York Times bestselling author shares how eating a healthy balanced diet can improve your health.

Professor Sue Black

@Dr_Black on Twitter (65k followers)
Computer scientist and a huge advocate and role model for women in science and technology.

Mark Rober

@markrober on Instagram (1.3m followers)
Former Apple and NASA engineer who helps his followers understand important engineering concepts through building fun toys and devices.

Dr Adam Rutherford

@AdamRutherford on Twitter (163k followers)
Geneticist and broadcaster who takes an often humorous look at vaccines, the history of science and much more.

Look out for part two in the coming weeks!

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