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Published: 16th February 2024

Skilled Apprentices Seeking New Employers: Your New Talent Opportunity

Unlock a unique hiring opportunity with skilled apprentices trained by the world-leading company Pfizer. These apprentices, with a variety of training and experience, are seeking new host employers due to restructuring. By welcoming them into your team, you not only gain access to their existing skills but also contribute to the continued growth of these promising professionals. Seize the chance to integrate top-tier talent seamlessly and be a part of shaping their successful career paths. Explore this exclusive opportunity to elevate your workforce with seasoned apprentices ready to make an immediate impact.

Jake is on a Level 6 Laboratory Scientist apprenticeship. His apprenticeship is 5 years in duration, and he is half-way thorough his Year 4. Jake is studying at Greenwich University for a BSc in pharmaceutical sciences.

Tareq is on a Level 6 Science Industry Process Plant Engineering apprenticeship. His apprenticeship in 5 years in duration and he is halfway through his first year. Tareq is studying at Strathclyde University for a BEng in Chemical Engineering.

There are also a number of other apprentices looking for roles in validation engineering, control and technical support, quality and compliance and laboratory science as well as a number of apprentices studying science manufacturing technician L3.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunity of taking on an apprentice with existing experience please email [email protected]

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