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Published: 5th August 2021

Changes from The National Apprenticeship Service

The National Apprenticeship service is making changes to ensure the apprenticeship service continues to meet employer needs.

A summary of the areas which are being updating over the coming months:

  • Finding a training provider – updates now live
  • Transfers of levy funds to pay for apprenticeships – updates coming soon
  • Onboarding apprentices – updates coming soon

More details are outlined below

Finding a training provider – updates now live

If there aren’t any providers offering the apprenticeship training you need, you can now fill out a simple online form to share your interest in a particular course with all providers.

Since the launch of this service many employers have registered their training needs and providers have been responding quickly.

To share your interest, search for a course using ‘Find apprenticeship training’, enter a town, city or postcode and select ‘View providers for this course’. If there are no results, look for ‘Can’t find a training provider?’ and select ‘Share your interest’.

Transfers of levy funds to pay for apprenticeships – updates coming soon

Employers who pay the apprenticeship levy (those with an annual pay bill of more than £3 million) will be able to pledge unspent levy funds (up to their 25% transfer allowance) to support apprenticeships in other businesses.

All businesses will be able to see these transfer opportunities on a webpage and apply for funding to pay for 100% of their apprenticeship training and assessment costs (up to the funding band maximum).

Onboarding apprentices – updates coming soon

New apprentices added to your account will receive an email, asking them to create an account for the new ‘Confirm my apprenticeship details’ service, where they will be able to review and confirm the details of their apprenticeship. Apprentices will be able to refer back to these details during their apprenticeship and also access guidance on what is expected of them, their provider and you as their employer.

If apprentices do not confirm their details or access the guidance, this will not impact them starting their apprenticeship or funding being received by your provider. As part of onboarding your apprentices, you should encourage them to complete this task, as it will help to make their apprenticeship a quality experience.

You should now begin collecting a unique email address for each of your future apprentices, ready for the launch of this service.

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