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Published: 29th June 2019

Cogent Skills Apprentice Talks to the BBC about Degree Apprenticeships

Georgia Creswell at MedImmune

Cogent Skills and MedImmune apprentice Georgia Creswell was selected by the BBC to talk about degree apprenticeships in their “What is a degree apprenticeship and is it right for me?” article.

Georgia is employed by Cogent Skills through our outsourced employment service and hosted by MedImmune as a Pathology apprentice, completing BA Science with Honours in Applied Bioscience.

Georgia told the BBC

“One size doesn’t fit all, but for me, it’s been a massively positive experience. If you like a challenge, and want to do something different and exciting, an apprenticeship is a great option.”

Caroline Roberts, Cogent Skills Employer Service Manager said:

“It is always rewarding to see an apprentice that we have recruited excelling in their role. It’s also fantastic to see Georgia taking the time to give back and educate people about apprenticeships and what to expect. I am sure Georgia’s story will help lots of people who are deciding if an apprenticeship in the science industry is right for them.”

Read Georgia’s full interview with the BBC.

This wasn’t the first time Georgia has been asked to speak to the BBC, she also provided an article called “How to become a science apprentice: Georgia’s story” for the BBC’s Careers blog.

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