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Published: 1st January 2021

Cogent Skills Inclusion Calendar 2021

The Cogent Skills 2021 inclusion calendar is now available

Now in it’s second year, our inclusion calendar has been designed to help highlight cultural, religious and diversity based events throughout the year in order to raise awareness and promote inclusivity.

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Angela Webster, Cogent Skills HR Director said

There is growing importance on the need for employers to ensure they are taking an active role in understanding and embedding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (ED&I) within the work environment. Cogent Skills intends to take its most proactive approach to date during 2021 by having ED&I at the forefront of its people agenda. To support Cogent’s growing strategy, I am delighted that for a second year we are implanting this calendar in order to continue to support employee understanding.


As with last year, this calendar details important events throughout the year along with providing further information on some of these special days. We continue to work with colleagues and learners to provide us more information on these important days and by taking the time to read these events, you continue to show your support.

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