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Published: 17th February 2022

Cogent Skills Rated Excellent Apprenticeship Training Provider

Cogent Skills are delighted to be rated as an “Excellent Apprenticeship Training Provider”

Employers want up-to-date information and to hear from their peers when it comes to choosing an apprenticeship training provider. As a result the ESFA developed the Provide Feedback tool to allow the impartial and transparent rating of apprenticeship training providers.

The ESFA regularly asks employers to rate their training provider based on a prescribed list of attributes. Employers are asked to select particular strengths and areas to improve from a list of items such as “adapting to employer needs”, “improving apprentice skills” and “providing the right training at the right time”. They are then asked to rate the quality of their provider’s training, on a scale from “excellent” to “very poor.

We are delighted that our apprenticeship training customers rate us as Excellent and we asked Nick Durrington, Managing Director, Cogent Skills Apprenticeship & Graduate Business about the achievement:

It’s testament to the hard work and dedication our apprenticeship team have shown over the past 2 years to improve quality along with the candidate experience and the employer journey



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Cogent Skills is sector based, working with companies from across the Science and Technology Industries embracing Life Sciences, Industrial Sciences and Nuclear.
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