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Published: 10th October 2022

ESFA Apprenticeship Funding Rules Update: 

There have been a number of changes to ESFA funding rules. An overview of these changes can be found below.

Prisoner Eligibility

Prisoners are now eligible to start apprenticeships from 30th September 2022. Changes to relevant rules have been updated throughout the document to reflect this change in policy. (E8.3)

Change of Circumstances

The rule that was introduced in version 1 of the funding rules focusing on break in employment between 30 days and 12 weeks that do not have to be fully withdrawn will apply irrespectively of start date so will include existing learners. (E8.5) (E294 to E295)

Recognised Prior Learning

Further Clarification has been provided on how the calculation of recognised prior learning should be applied to funding. The principles have remained the same in terms of methodology. (E18.5)

Employer Arrangements (secondments)

Clarification that the original employer will be responsible for the overall apprenticeship and apprentice’s wages if the learner is seconded for part of their apprenticeship to gain the required knowledge, skills and behaviours. A secondment cannot be for any more than 49% of their programme length as a maximum. (E20.3)

Apprenticeship Training Agency Arrangements

From January 2023 only organisations on the register of Flexi-job apprenticeship agencies will be able to start new apprentices using the host employer model (GREY BOX PAGE 37)

Ineligible Costs

  1. Confirmation that PPE is not eligible for funding (it was removed in error for Version 1) (E91.2.2)
  2. Clarification that ATA/Flexi-job apprenticeship agency fees are not eligible.(E91.2.5)

English and Maths

Clarification has been provided that the assessment of English and Maths level does not remove the need to achieve the minimum level through learning and examination. (E122)

The full employer funding rules can be found here

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