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Published: 19th November 2019

A New Training Partnership for the Water Sector

Cogent Skills Training Ltd and Learning and Development Associates Ltd, (L&DA) are delighted to announce the launch of their strategic partnership; supplying world-class training provision to the Water Sector. 

Why work with us? 

The Drinking Water Inspectorate has been explicit in setting out its expectation that Water companies must demonstrate their workforce has the competence and behaviours necessary to protect public health and deliver a continuous supply of safe drinking water.   

Water companies and their supply chain companies will have strategies in place ensuring they have the right skills development for their leadership and staff to deliver the ongoing success of their sustainable business plans and to address the challenges of Resilience, Innovation and Leakage.   

Cogent Skills and L&DA have expertise and training solutions and competence management consultancy designed to support the Water Sector in meeting these challenges and supporting ‘Workforce Resilience’ as the industry readies itself for the impact of AMP7.   


Cogent Skills and L&DA staff have many years’ experience working across highly regulated industries, including supporting the development of contractor competence within the Supply Chain. Our knowledge of the issues faced by Water Sector employers, including leadership & management skills, regulatory scrutiny and major hazard safety management allows us to bring fresh but robust approach to addressing needs across a range of roles and requirements.

What the Cogent Skills/L&DA partnership can offer: 

  • Water Sector industry knowledge, with highly experienced staff delivering from Level 2 to Level 7 post-graduate training and QCA qualifications. 
  • Bespoke process safety course development based on industry training standards, and competence management system consultancy services, built to meet Competent Authority requirements, recognised by employers, trade associations and trades unions the as ‘best in class’. 
  • Strong leadership and management of the 360-degree training process; programme and project management skills; PRINCE 2 Practitioners; on every programme or project there is a named manager, administration lead, QA person and mentor as required. 
  • A flexible approachwith instructor-led training, blended-learning and use of multimedia to deliver the right delivery and assessment model for both the learner and employers. 
  • Professional Coaching & Hogan profiling; bespoke programme and content development from senior executives to front-line operators 
  • Excellent training delivery accompanied by friendly, knowledgeable, professional administrative back-office teams to ensure the learning journey is managed in the right way, and agreed outcomes are achieved. 

The Cogent Skills and L&DA  partnership will always be responsive, and we are committed to delivering the best possible learning experience available, whilst helping to build a sustainable and resilient approach to skills development within the sector We would be delighted to meet with you and your team to discuss any support you may need now or in the future 

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