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Published: 9th October 2023

The SIP Ambassador Experience. The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion workstream

The SIP Careers Taskforce is a group of early career professionals from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for science-based careers.
Daniele Acquisto
Senior Cell Scientist at GSK
Daniele is a Senior Cell Scientist at GSK, chair of the Taskforce and the lead of its ‘equality, diversity and inclusion’ workstream.

The Taskforce provides energy, direction and resources to the SIP’s careers outreach activities and supports the SIP Ambassadors, who work with young people, parents, teachers and careers advisers to promote the many careers available within the science-based industries.

“I’ve worked at GSK at the research and development facility in Stevenage for around five and a half years. I recently completed my Level 6 degree apprenticeship in applied bioscience with the University of Kent.

I’m passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion within the science industry as I believe the industry should better reflect the communities and wider society of the UK.

This doesn’t only benefit the wider pool of people who can enter the industry, but it will also benefit the industry itself – a more diverse workforce means broader perspectives and access to a full range of talent who can contribute and innovate.

My workstream is the newest in the taskforce and I’m excited about the potential we have to make a difference. From our initial work, we’ve identified three key objectives.

Firstly, making sure all content is accessible – this includes ensuring videos have subtitles and transcripts available, as well as checking our websites are easy-to-use for anyone with sight issues, for example.

Secondly, helping our ambassador network showcase a wide range of people – as our primary means of face-to-face careers outreach, we want our ambassadors to reflect the diversity we’re aiming to achieve within the industry.

Finally, horizon-scanning for how the Taskforce can support greater diversity and inclusion – this includes identifying issues facing the wider science industry and how our outreach work can address them.

I’m also mindful that the science industry in the UK is currently concentrated in a number of specific areas – but that doesn’t mean that talented people just starting or about to start their careers shouldn’t be able to access the wide range of exciting, rewarding careers available. As such, I’m keen to help support the SIP’s careers outreach work in all parts of the UK.”

If you’re also passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion within the science industry, contact Rachel Brickell to find out how to get involved.

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