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Human Factors Management

Cogent Skills is an external expert provider of Human Factors management solutions

Cogent Skills is your external expert resource

Human Factors is about the interaction between humans and systems – that can affect behaviour and result in safety, environmental and business risk. It refers to environmental, organisational and job factors, human and individual characteristics, which influence behaviour at work in a way which can affect health and safety. Regulatory Inspectors need businesses to demonstrate that they have access to competent Human Factors support. This can be an internal or external resource.

Who is it for?

Board level leaders, Directors and other senior managers responsible for the prevention and management of human failures, compliance to COSHH5 and COMAH / high hazard sites regulatory requirements.

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To explore your specialist skills opportunities! Let’s discuss which of our solutions will be best for your needs! Click 'Let's meet'  to book in a FREE 30-minute discovery session. Watch our video to learn more.

An Overview

To align your business with the COMAH Competent Authority’s Operational Delivery Guide – Inspecting Human Factors at COMAH Establishments.
Demonstration of a robust Human Factors (HF) management system is required by major accident hazard site regulators and has significant business benefits to any company.
Our accredited Chartered Human Factors Practitioners (C.ErgHF) consultants will review, design, and implement your Human Factors policies, procedures and framework systems.
A framework improves your safety critical operational performance, especially where human failure tasks could result in a Major Accident To The Environment (MATTE). All projects adhere to the:

COMAH Competent Authority Inspecting Human Factors at COMAH Establishments (Operational Delivery Guide)

Which includes:

  • Managing Human Performance
  • Human Factors in Process Design
  • COMAH-Critical Communications
  • Design and Management of Procedures
  • Competence Management Systems
  • Managing Organisational Factors

"We engaged Cogent Skills are the start of our Human Factors journey as our competent consultant.
Their approach was very well received by all levels, with great feedback that really got the message across on what was an unfamiliar concept to much of our team.
Cogent understood our needs very quickly and offered exactly the right approach – that still continues to deliver success "

Head of Safety

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Cogent Skills is sector based, working with companies from across the Science and Technology Industries embracing Life Sciences, Industrial Sciences and Nuclear.
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