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Published: 18th June 2021

Call for Participants – a wants and needs skills consultation

The Great Industry SKILLS Debate. Part 1. Compliance

A chance for industry to identify their future compliance skills requirements

Part 1 – Compliance (June to August), is the first element within our industry consultation and your feedback will be invaluable.

You are invited you have your say and take part in the:

Great Industry SKILLS Debate. Part 1. Compliance

The survey will take you between 5 to 10 minutes to complete

Consultation aims?

  • To work on analysed findings from your feedback and evolve our service offering – helping industry to raise safety and compliance skills levels.
  • To work alongside sector employer leaders – to develop any new industry or regulatory / directives driven skills, guidance and training standards.
  • To share relevant findings with industry.

What would your response be to these questions?

What compliance skills does your business currently NEED that is currently hard to find?

Does your industry have a need for any new GUIDANCE or TRAINING STANDARDS relating to your License to Operate?

Is there a BIG ISSUE or a need for industry to adapt to CHANGE, that you think that we should be addressing in terms of future skills, industry standards or industry guidance development?

Looking ahead (post-pandemic) which future training delivery model would you prefer?

Consultation Facts

  • Start date June 2021 – Closing date August 2021
  • All responses will be 100% confidential and anonymous
  • Anonymous top-line findings to be shared Q4 2021
  • Respondents can opt-in to receive a copy of the Part 1. Compliance – Executive Summary and top-line findings

Thank you in advance for taking part and your feedback.


Justine Fosh. Chief Executive Officer, Cogent Skills Limited

Great Industry SKILLS Debate. Part 1. Compliance

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