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Fast track your business case for Process Safety Management, with these top tips

As a process safety management (PSM) expert, you have a professional and moral responsibility to raise awareness of the importance of process safety within your own organisation, here are a few practical tips for achieving that all-important buy-in as you look to protect your people, your assets and the environment.

Process Safety Leadership: Learning lessons from interventions
26 January 2023

This report from the COMAH Strategic Forum sets out the key findings so far and has been developed within a working group of senior leaders from industry, regulators and the trade unions.

Upper Tier COMAH Site Outcomes and Lessons from a Process Safety Management Champion

From improved levels of workforce psychological safety to a reduction in process safety related incidents, EPC-UK shares positive outcome impacts and lessons from adopting the Process Safety Management (PSM) training standards for high hazard industries.

Process Safety Management. Celebrate the PAST – Prepare for your FUTURE
13 October 2022

Industry EXCLUSIVE for global COMAH and High Hazard sites. Key COMAH site Regulators and industry Leaders share their views on the importance of Process Safety …

Benefits & Overcoming Barriers of Apprenticeships
4 November 2021

What are the main benefits and barriers of apprenticeships & do apprenticeships provide a return on investment? We have broken down the findings of recent …

Process Safety Competence is like an Ice Cream…
25 October 2021

Read Richard Roff’s article here Richard Roff, Chair of the Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board, discusses the need for need for organisations to address …

Call for Participants – a wants and needs skills consultation
18 June 2021

The Great Industry SKILLS Debate. Part 1. Compliance A chance for industry to identify their future compliance skills requirements Part 1 – Compliance (June to …

Announcing Competence and Compliance Consultancy Solutions Expansion
24 May 2021

Competent support solutions to help high hazard industry maintain their ‘License to Operate’ Industry has experienced a human factors nightmare over the last year and …

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