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Published: 26th March 2021

Cogent Skills Staff Complete Mental Health First Aid Training

Cogent Skills Provide Further Training for Mental Health First Aiders

At Cogent Skills we pride ourselves on prioritising the wellbeing of our staff and learners. We are constantly striving to improve the support we provide, and live up to one of our core values “We care about our people”

In 2020 we put together a team of Cogent Skills Mental Health First Aiders (MHFA). All of the MHFA volunteered as they wanted to make a positive impact and provide support to those in need. Each of the MHFA recently completed their latest training which included a number of sessions covering subjects such as:

  • First aid for suicidal crisis and depression
  • Anxiety, personality, eating disorders and self-harm
  • Psychosis, recovery and MHFA action planning

The Cogent Skills MHFA team is made up of staff from across all areas of the business, including some of our outsourced staff.

For their efforts and desire to support those in need we want to say thank you, to each of the Mental Health First Aiders from the Apprentices & Graduates team:

  • Caroline Roberts
  • Tim Mahoney
  • Matt Syrett
  • Paul Hamlin
  • Donna Dainton
  • Geoff Cox
  • Michelle James
  • Chris Silker
  • John Daley
  • Tracey Rowley
  • Jane Byrne
  • Loren Owen (Pfizer Apprentice)

If you are a Cogent Skills member of staff or learner and you want to talk to a MHFA you can contact Caroline ([email protected]), or if you are already in contact with any of the above MHFA don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

Don’t forget that our MHFA team isn’t the only way we aim to provide support to our staff and learners, we also provide access to Health Assured, the UKs largest Employee Assist programme. Health Assured offers support 24 hours a day 7 days a week.



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