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Published: 10th March 2021

Process Leader Level 4 Apprenticeship Launched

We are proud to announce the Process Leader Level 4 apprenticeship as part of our Cogent Skills delivery offer

At Cogent Skills we have years of experience delivering apprenticeships to some of the largest science companies in the world. We strive to provide bespoke apprenticeship training based on the needs of our sector and the Process Leader Level 4 was the logical next step to creating the most well rounded apprenticeship offering to our clients.

The broad purpose of a Process Leader is to undertake and direct production activities and operations as well as delivering against core production Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The apprenticeship programme not only aims to develop outstanding process leaders, but has also been developed to aid in building an effective and efficient manufacturing management culture to meet modern societal needs.

John Daley, Cogent Skills Programme Manager:

I am delighted that we are now able to offer the Process Leader level 4 apprenticeship standard. Our partnerships with employers have been invaluable in developing the content for this product and I know it will be a perfect fit for so many companies within our sector. This apprenticeship will help new and existing leaders perform effectively and navigate the significant challenges of modern society.

Learn more about the Process Leader Level 4 Apprenticeship 

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