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Published: 30th July 2019

Exciting! – Newly Launched Products this month!

Exciting news this month, we have 3 new industry specific products that we have launched, including accredited training and preferential prices for immediate bookings. You can also see how we have restructured the prices for PSMO direct delivery!

See below further details on each product

NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management


5 Day Course – including 90 minute assessment

Delivered by Cogent approved trainers who have been approved by NEBOSH

Focussed on in-depth Process Safety Management

Certificated by NEBOSH

Keeping your site safe and preventing loss of life    

This course is ideal for process industries worldwide, and is suitable for supervisors, newly appointed managers, junior managers, safety representatives and newly qualified health and safety advisors within the process industries, who have a specific responsibility for process safety within their job role

To find out more about this course click here


Process Safety Management for Site Champions


3 Day Course delivered by specialist delivery partners

Designed to give a detailed understanding of effective process safety risk management

Delegates will leave with a detailed action plan aiming to impact on Process Safety Performance

Course adheres to Gold and Regulatory training Standards

The course is designed for high hazard organisations particularly those subject to inspection. It is ideal for Managers who are responsible for leading process safety implementation, monitoring and review within their own area or throughout the organisation.

This course is aimed at the Process Safety ‘site champions’ who are responsible for raising the level of process safety awareness and capability within their site and for keeping the site safe and operational.

If you would like to find out more information about this course click here

Process Safety Management for Operations Direct Delivery


New lowered price!

Alternative to the licensed PSMO delivery model

Delivered by an expert Process Safety Assured Trainer

The course is more accessible and beneficial to companies who need a smaller number of operator training

Designed to give Operators a clear insight into their role in Process Safety Management

The PSMO course is designed to provide essential process safety training to the industry standard to your employees. Meeting the standards of the PSMCPB, this course will provide operators, maintenance technicians and long-term contractors with a clear understanding of the principles of process safety in the context of the site they work on.

New Price

Each course of up to 12 delegates costs £4,250 now

£3,250 +VAT

plus contextualisation days at a cost of £1,250 now

£750 +VAT per day

(The number of contextualisation days required would be determined after consultation with an Account Manager – this is usually one day but depends on the size and complexities of the site)

If you would like to find out more about this course click here

Process Safety Management Foundations – Interactive Blended Learning


 2 Day Course

Delivered via an e-learning platform for groups of up to 12 delegates by a highly experienced trainer

Provides the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principles of Process Safety Management

Offers a highly interactive, two way learning experience with immediate trainer feedback

This course is aimed at managers, supervisors, designers, safety personnel, and senior contract employees, young engineers and anyone who would like to develop a more detailed understanding of process safety management. It is designed to provide an improved learning experience with joint working and flexibility meaning less time spent away from the office and travel and logisitics are of no concern.

If you would like to find out more about this course click here


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