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Published: 31st July 2019

Why is so much attention being paid to major hazard leadership?

Neil Smith, Head of Workforce Development at Cogent Skills Training Ltd talks about why so much attention is now being paid to major hazard leadership within industry, and what leaders and all senior executives should be doing to manage this and how important it is to ensure major accident hazards are under control.

This isn’t a new topic.

The Process Safety Leadership Group set out the Principles of Process Safety Leadership addressing this very subject several years ago, and over the last few years the Health and Safety Executive has been encouraging industry to demonstrate how it is improving its performance in competence management and human factors, which really underpin the effective management of major accident hazards.

Chemical and petrochemical manufacturers have been looking at how they improve their business and safety performance and deal with major accident hazards on their sites through investing in process safety leadership for years. However, the Health & Safety Executive has now developed an inspection tool to assess whether boards or senior leaders of duty holders can demonstrate effective leadership arrangements when benchmarked against legislative requirements, including COMAH, and …

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