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Published: 3rd April 2023

Nuclear Skills Strategy Group welcomes UK government’s “Powering Up Britain”

The Nuclear Skills Strategy Group (NSSG) welcomes "Powering Up Britain", the government’s plan to improve the UK’s energy security and transition to net-zero by 2050.

The document acknowledges the challenges of developing a skilled workforce for the nuclear industry. It also confirms the government will continue supporting the NSSG’s strategic plan to ensure the industry has the skills and expertise needed to deliver a low-carbon future for the UK.

Co-chair of the Nuclear Skills Strategy Board – which oversees the NSSG – and Head of Nuclear Skills at EDF, Jennie Chapman, said:

“We welcome the ‘Powering Up Britain’ report and its recognition of the important role nuclear power can play in achieving a low-carbon future for the UK.

“We look forward to taking the work of the NSSG to the next level – working with government and the sector to develop a skilled workforce which can help deliver the UK’s ambitious net-zero targets.”

For a summary of Powering Up Britain, follow this link

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