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Published: 24th May 2021

Stephen Foreman Joins Cogent Skills

We would like to welcome Stephen Foreman to the Cogent Skills Apprenticeship and graduate team

Stephen joins Cogent Skills to build upon the success of Tony Prior as the first point of contact for companies wanting to benefit from our apprenticeship and graduate offers. We asked Stephen to tell us a bit about himself for this article:

I have always been drawn to the science industry in some way and after leaving University with a degree in Biomedical science I went into the plastics industry. I worked for a company that distributed and manufactured plastic pellets which were used by many sectors, from automotive to consumable goods.


I then decided to take a step more towards my degree roots and entered the medical device field working with the NHS trusts throughout the North and Midlands. I worked within the ICU/ theatre and critical care, working with anaesthetist consultants and clinical directors.


After working within the healthcare sector, I wanted to continue to ensure the science industry went from strength to strength by supporting companies to acquire and develop the best talent available. I worked within FE as part of an apprenticeship team with a focus of growing apprenticeship numbers within science subjects.


I am now looking forward to supporting more companies to achieve their apprentice and graduate ambitions with Cogent Skills


Managing director of the Apprenticeship and Graduate business unit, Nick Durrington spoke about why he decided Stephen was the perfect fit for Cogent Skills:

Stephen recently joined the Cogent Skills team taking the position of sales manager and, although his education in biomedical  science and his experience in both the life science and industrial science industries stood out, it was some of his other interests that made him different from the rest.


A keen sailor and secretary of his local club, Stephen can be found in a boat most weekends of the season competing in races or organizing the events. Yet another surprising side to Stephen is the two years he spent living in a Buddhist temple in Thailand.  Hopefully Stephen can bring some enlightenment to the world of apprenticeships for the science and process industries……Welcome Stephen and thank you for choosing to join our team.

If you would like to speak to Stephen about how we can support your needs contact him on [email protected]




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