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Published: 2nd August 2019

The importance of the safety of your workers

Too often we see headlines in the news relating to all kind of incidents within industry, whether this be major hazard, high or medium risks, they all still carry the same message and the impact of it.


Company fined £1 million after two employees suffer burns

Building services company fined for unsafe gas work that caused fires at housing development

Construction company fined after a junior bricklayer is injured in fall from height

West Midlands company fined after worker killed by forklift truck

Employer sentenced after worker severed three fingers

Company fined after worker crushed by roller

Health board and company director sentenced after worker suffers life-changing injuries

Company prosecuted after employee injured during loading operations

Content from The Health and Safety Executive


The safety of your workers is too important to brush by, and it is everyone who needs to be aware and responsible for this. The type of responsibility does vary with different job roles in the organisation, however it is important that each and every person is aware and has some form of safety training.

Cutting corners to save costs should not be an option, it is vitally important to have sufficient health and safety training, and the resulting cost to the organisation can be a lot more than what it would cost to have the correct regulatory training already in place, just look at some of the examples above.

Cogent Skills Solutions and the Process Safety Management Competence Programme Board are raising awareness and commitment in process safety through the adoption of the Process Safety Management Standards.

The standards have been developed for senior executives, managers, operators and technicians, and are relevant across all industry sectors along with major accident hazard organisations.

The HSE state that it is essential that the momentum on improving competence in process safety management is maintained throughout the sector in order to ensure those involved in managing major hazard risks gain and maintain the knowledge and skills essential to avoid a major accident. They have recognised that the adoption of this standards-based approach can help companies achieve and demonstrate effective process safety management.

Cogent Skills can help to develop a robust Process Safety Management programme throughout your organisation, which can be fully bespoke to the organisation’s requirements. The programme is based on industry developed standards that are recognised by the HSE and can be adapted to take account of your own internal hazards. This is particularly relevant to any organisation that has Major Accident Hazards and/or threat of containment loss.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you to ensure the safety of your organisation, contact a member of the team on 01325 740900 or fill in the Contact Us form online

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