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Published: 11th November 2022

COMAH Major Hazard Leadership Intervention Tool

An HSE publication for COMAH site Leaders, based on established guidance, incorporating key aspects of several industry-led documents and lessons from recent major hazard incidents, including:

1. The eight principles of major hazard leadership developed by the Process Safety Leadership Group (PSLG), a joint industry and regulators group formed in 2007 following the Buncefield incident.

2. OECD Corporate Governance for Process Safety – Guidance for Senior Leaders in High Hazard Industries.

3. Managing for health and safety HSG65.

4. Lessons from BP Texas City, Deepwater Horizon, and other major incidents including those from other industries, such as the RAF Nimrod crash in 2006 and the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust prosecution in 2018.

5. Lessons from previous leadership interventions.

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