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Bespoke & Blended Learning

Customising your corporate learning, development and engagement.

Cogent Skills is your external expert resource

Your business needs are specific, so the bespoke training solution we create for you, will be as unique as your business. Wherever you are in the world you will receive course content which is:

•  Designed specifically for you – custom built
•  Developed from our training offering or using your own content
•  Delivered at time, method and location to suit your business needs

Who is it for?

ANY sector leads within HR, Learning and Development, Training or Operations - who develop corporate training and cascade key procedural, operational or corporate messages key messages. Also for those with the responsibility of advancing their Net Zero or digital transformation approach, to improve employee inclusion, engagement and productivity
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An Overview

The bespoke course development solution provides you with a customised and specifically designed training programme, where we merge your own procedures, messaging, branding and training with Cogent Skills course content (where required).

Your customised training project can include the production of digital and hard copy, multimedia training materials – personalised with your corporate branding, industry specific case studies to learn lessons, plus professionally produced films with voice overs.

Your bespoke and blended opportunities

Why you need it

The blended learning and virtual production solution is where you chose how your training is delivered – to suit your workforce’s location and accessibility needs, via a selection of face to face or virtual options – the latter of which is identified as Best Practice learning.

Virtual training can also help meet business case needs such as improved workforce productivity, digital transformation, cost savings equality, inclusivity and accessibility of engagement. It can also help leaders contribute to their Net Zero approach, as virtual training reduces a business’ corporate carbon footprint.
usiness’ corporate carbon footprint.



Business Case Facts for Developing Bespoke Blended Learning.
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Unilever Europe Why Unilever Adopted the Cogent Bespoke Blended Learning Model
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Meet the Experts - A FREE 30-minute Discovery Session

To explore your specialist skills opportunities! Let’s discuss which of our solutions will be best for your needs! Click 'Let's meet'  to book in a FREE 30-minute discovery session. 

To explore your specialist skills opportunities! Let’s discuss which of our solutions will be best for your needs! Click 'Let's meet'  to book in a FREE 30-minute discovery session. Watch our video to learn more.

WHat our clients say

“Bespoke and Blended Process Safety Management learning is certainly the way forward for Unilever. In terms of actual training and delivery, it is remarkably effective. I would say that it has been an overwhelming success. Senior leadership who’ve attended the training, have given exceptionally good, positive feedback”.

Malcolm Sarstedt

Skills support for your workforce

If you want to transform the skills in your workforce, invest in your employees’ personal development or drive up standards across our industry, get in touch today to find out how we can help.

Future Ready

Cogent Skills is sector based, working with companies from across the Science Industries embracing Life Sciences, Industrial Sciences and Nuclear.
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